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Handmade in The Netherlands

Most of our products are handmade and designed in the Netherlands. The clothing that is produced abroad is produced in FAMA certified factories in China and Portugal. Fair clothing and good working conditions are important to us. That is why we always carefully look for manufacturers that match our values and meet all our requirements.

Clothing workshop in Groningen

To be even more specific, the production and design of our products takes place in a clothing workshop in the northern city of Groningen. From here we work at Four by Four in the Kleerlijk clothing workshop. This clothing workshop only works on sustainable, conscious and fair clothing. These are exactly the aesthetic values that we stand for at Four by Four, so that a match was quickly found. Because the production of handmade clothing mainly takes place in the Netherlands, we not only contribute to the environment, but we can also ensure that the clothing is made by us in a responsible and honest manner.

Unique handmade clothing in the Netherlands

Working with handmade clothing also results in the creation of unique clothing. Because each item of clothing is checked and designed manually, this also results in relatively small quantities of clothing. This means for you that you can assure yourself of garments where only a few of them have been designed. In addition, at Four by Four we work with changing collections. For example, you will only be able to buy items from one collection for a short time, after which we will continue with a new collection. With this we continue to pursue the design and production of unique clothing.

Sustainable handmade clothing in the Netherlands

Another advantage of handmade clothing is that this is a high quality clothing compared to mass production. Every detail is checked with the utmost precision, so that we guarantee the high quality of our clothing. In addition, handmade clothing is incredibly durable. We only work with sustainable fabrics, such as mainly cotton, so that the clothing consists of strong materials and is easy to maintain. In addition, the cotton fabric is biodegradable, which means that its use in our clothing is also less harmful to the environment. By manually applying fabrics such as cotton in our clothing, you can continue to enjoy your Four by Four articles for a long time, and we contribute to reducing mass production and improving the environment.

We are not only concerned with the environment and working conditions when producing our clothing. We also delve deeper into how our packaging materials are manufactured, which materials are used and which materials can preferably be recycled.

Traditional techniques

The fact that we work with handmade clothing is not only reflected in the high quality and durability of our garments, but also in the way we print them. We print most of our garments with embroidery. This is the most traditional way of printing clothing, where a logo or text is sewn onto the garment with needle and thread. You can see the result of this in our hoodies, T-shirts and pants.