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Introduction Mr. Lucky

Four by Four Clothing, founded on 04.04.2016. The name of the brand and the date on which the company was founded says enough. The element 4 is the basis of the brand. Since the beginning of Four by Four Clothing we try to work with 4 elements in all the designs we make. It started with a number of arrows that were printed on a shirt, then not only worked with the 4 arrows, but the 4 elements came back more and more often on the clothing of Four by Four Clothing.

Soon Tom came up with the idea of using a four-leaf clover. So why the four-leaf clover? We can explain that to you. The history of the 4-leaf clover goes back far into the Middle Ages. Each exceptional leaf of the four-leaf clover symbolizes its own element, namely: prosperity, trust, love and of course not to forget happiness. It is no coincidence that these elements are also the elements that we, as Four by Four Clothing, wish the wearers of our clothing to have!

In addition to prosperity, trust, love and happiness, the 4 also stands for the 4 seasons and the 4 elements, namely: earth, fire, air and water. It is also no coincidence that the plant has 4 leaves. 4 is a sacred number in different cultures. Another fun fact: In Chinese culture, the number 4 is an unlucky number and is pronounced “si”, but 4+4 is 8 and the number 8 is lucky and is pronounced “ba” and sounds similar to the word for prosperity and wealth “fa”.

During the relaunch of Four by Four Clothing, we started a campaign to give Four by Four Clothing a new image. We have done this through a new collection called “Rebirth”. Here we (Tom, Rick and Jasper) further developed and designed the four-leaf clover as how it now lives on our website and on our clothing.

From now on you will see Mr. Lucky more often on both the website and the clothing. mr. Lucky is tough, rebellious, doesn’t shy away from anything and is always lucky. Mr. Lucky can also be seen in certain themes, such as looking for love, playing mischief, chilling during 4:20, exploring the unknown and much more. Did you see Mr. Lucky on a piece of clothing yet? You can now find it on our new T-shirt and special edition Mr. lucky bomber jacket.