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A bomber jacket, also known as a flight jacket, is a timeless piece of clothing that has been a popular fashion item for decades. Bomber jackets are versatile jackets that can be worn in different seasons and on different occasions. The bomber jackets from Four by Four are available in the classic black and green color with back print, made of 100% polyester, and suitable for both men and women. Whether you are looking for a jacket for everyday use or for other occasions, a bomber jacket from Four by Four offers the perfect combination of functionality and fashion.

How did bomber jackets come about?

Bomber jackets date back to the 1900s. Originally, bomber jackets were designed for the aviation industry, which mainly benefited pilots during the First World War. This is why bomber jackets owe their name “flight jacket”. The bomber jackets of that time offered excellent protection against the cold and windy conditions in the open cockpit aircraft. At the time, bomber jackets were always made of high-quality leather, which kept the pilots extra warm during their flights.

From the 1920s and 1930s, bomber jackets made their appearance on commercial airlines, after which they were also used by pilots during World War II. These jackets were even used as the standard jacket for pilots in the US army, because they were again able to withstand the appalling conditions.

Even after the war, bomber jackets remained a popular piece of clothing in the aviation industry, but they were no longer ignored by the fashion industry. In the 1950s and 1960s, the popularity of bomber jackets among the youth skyrocketed thanks to the rock and roll music scene, and again in the 1980s thanks to hip-hop culture. Today, the bomber jacket is a popular jacket for both men and women, and comes in a variety of styles, colors and materials.

Bomber jackets for men and women

Where many types of jackets are made for men on the one hand or women on the other hand, our bomber jackets are completely unisex. These are therefore suitable for both men and women. This is also reflected in the appearance of our bomber jackets. These are a bit more loose in themselves, making them suitable for different styles and occasions for both men and women. Do you prefer an oversized fit? Then choose one size larger than normal.

100% polyester and nylon bomber jackets

Our bomber jackets are made of 100% polyester, a synthetic fabric. Polyester is known for its durability, lightness and water resistance. This ensures that our bomber jackets are suitable for different weather conditions, and the high quality can be guaranteed. The light weight of the bomber jackets ensures that they are easy to wear. Another advantage of polyester bomber jackets is that they are easy to maintain. Polyester is a fabric that is resistant to creasing and discoloration. As a result, the bomber jackets can also be easily washed and dried, without having to compromise on appearance. Furthermore, our bomber jackets consist of elastic cuffs, hem and collar, and they have a zipper at the front. The bomber jackets come in different colors and have logos and prints.

Bomber jackets with embroidered back print

Our bomber jackets all have a striking print on the back of the jacket. This print is actually more of a patch, which is sewn on the back. The fabric used for this is 100% terry cloth. If you choose the green bomber jacket, the Four by Four numeric logo is sewn on the back of the bomber jacket. If you choose the black bomber jacket, the back of the bomber jacket has the sewn image of “Mr. Lucky”. Although the patches on the back will stand out the most, space has also been made on the sleeve for the authentic Four by Four logo. This logo is embroidered at the bottom of the left sleeve.

Green and black bomber jackets with orange lining

The Four by Four bomber jackets are available in the colors black and green. In addition to being the most popular bomber jacket color choices, they are also the most classic. These are the colors that were generally used in the aviation industry & military agencies. In addition, the bomber jackets have the classic inner lining. The orange inside also comes from aviation, for a very special reason. The color orange served for the moment when pilots had to make emergency landings, where they could then turn their bomber jacket inside out to stand out more to others who could offer help. Due to the background story and the use of orange, green and black colors in Four by Four’s bomber jackets, we can say that our bomber jackets are also timeless. Whether you choose the green or black bomber jacket, it is a great investment for anyone looking for a timeless, stylish and comfortable jacket.