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Over the years socks became an essential part of our wardrobe. For example, we increasingly see socks combined with sneakers under long and short pants for a stylish outfit. You can find socks in many different colors, materials and with or without print. When producing our socks, we have very consciously chosen the composition of the materials. To ensure that our socks are of high quality and durable, we made them from 80% cotton with a 20% polyamide weave. The socks are available in white and black with logo, and are “one size fits all” making them suitable for everyone.

Cotton socks

All Four by Four socks are made of 80% cotton and 20% polyamide. The use of cotton in our socks is a very conscious choice. Cotton is naturally a soft material that is known for its breathability. This makes cotton the material par excellence for manufacturing socks that are suitable for daily use. In addition, the breathable fabric not only ensures that Four by Four socks remain fresh during prolonged use, but also that they are easy to maintain. In addition, with the composition of 80% cotton, we can guarantee that our socks will last a long time, even after repeated washing and wearing. Finally, our socks are also extremely suitable for people with sensitive skin. Because of the use of cotton, the socks are hypoallergenic, preventing itching and irritations that can occur with synthetic socks. In short, our cotton socks are the perfect choice if you are looking for comfortable, breathable and easy-care socks.

Socks with logo and polyamide weave

The socks all contain the numerical logo of Four by Four, applied by means of polyamide weaving. The reason we at Four by Four choose polyamide in our socks is because this is a very strong and durable fiber. This makes our socks highly resistant to color fading and shrinkage, among other things. The combination of polyamide weave and cotton in our socks ensures the high quality, so that they can last for a long time.

White and black socks

Our socks are available in the colors white and black, with the numerical logo shown in white on the black sock and in black on the white sock. Although both socks are most similar to the characteristics of a sports sock due to the use of cotton and the polyamide weave, the different colors mean that they can be worn on different occasions. White socks are most commonly associated with sports and training wear, but are now also often worn in combination with sneakers. Especially when combined with shorts, they give your outfit a summery yet casual look. Although black socks are also increasingly combined with shorts, we see them even more often on more formal occasions. For example, combine our black socks with trousers or one of our cotton pants for a stylish outfit. Of course there are no strict rules about which color to wear for which occasion, so always choose the Four by Four socks that best suit your personal style.

One size fits all socks

Instead of making socks in different sizes, we have chosen to make all our socks according to the “one size fits all” principle. This means that we do not use different sizes, but only one universal size that fits every adult. Our socks are designed in such a way that they stretch to the size of the person when worn, so that you always have the right size sock. Our socks are suitable for both men and women.