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Our hoodies are characterized by the comfortable fit and sustainable composition of fibers. As a result, you are assured of a durable, high-quality garment that you can wear for years and that will always look good. Our hoodies are available in sizes S to XL and the colors black and beige. In addition, the hoodies have a loose fit, contribute to a tough, casual and sporty look, and are suitable for both men and women. In addition, our hoodies come from a FAMA-certified factory, so that they are produced in a safe and labor-conscious environment

Hoodies made of cotton

Like many of our other products, our hoodies are made from 100% cotton. Cotton is a natural fiber that feels soft on the skin and has a breathable effect. This makes our hoodies suitable for several seasons. Another advantage of using cotton hoodies is that they are durable and easy to maintain. For example, the hoodies retain their fit and color over the years due to the use of cotton. With a cotton hoodie from Four by Four you ensure yourself of a hoodie that you can continue to wear for years, without compromising on quality.

Boxy-fit hoodies

Our hoodies are available in sizes S to XL. The fit of our hoodies is, as we call it, a “boxy fit”. This means that our hoodies are wider than the average sweater. It is often recommended that you should take a size larger for a loose fit, but with our hoodies it is advisable to use the size that you also wear with other sweaters if you want this fit. Due to the loose fit, you can best describe our hoodies as oversized.

Black and beige hoodies with embroidered logo

Our hoodies are available in two different colors: black and beige. What makes black hoodies so popular is that they are extremely versatile. Black is a fairly neutral color, so you can endlessly combine it with different clothing styles to complete your outfit. Our black hoodie goes with everything. Beige is also a neutral color, which makes our beige hoodies easy to combine. However, the beige hoodies add an extra dimension to this, as beige is an even warmer color, making your outfit more colorful. Both black and beige are timeless colors, so our hoodies never go out of style. Both hoodies also have a centered and embroidered Four by Four logo on the front. This is embroidered in a so-called “ton sur ton” way, which means color on color. In this case, the logo is embroidered in the same color as the color of the hoodie itself.

FAMA certified hoodies

As described earlier, our hoodies come from a FAMA certified factory, which originates in China. We choose factories that uphold human and labor rights through the highest standards in the production of all our products. This also applies to our hoodies. A factory receives a FAMA certificate by, among other things, not employing children, not performing forced labour, maintaining a safe and healthy workplace & complying with all applicable laws and regulations regarding the environment. We can therefore say that this gives us “honest” hoodies.

The difference between hoodies and hooded sweater

You can best compare hoodies with a hooded sweater. Although many people think that these are exactly the same sweaters, there are indeed differences between the two. A hooded sweater is characterized by the integrated hood at the back, which can be tightened with a cord to tighten it. Hooded sweaters are generally made of warm materials such as wool or fleece. As a result, these sweaters are mainly made to provide warmth. A hoodie is also a hooded sweater, but is generally made of cotton or polyester. Because hoodies are made of lighter fabrics, they are better suited for casual use. In addition, hoodies often do not have a drawstring to tighten the hood. Finally, you can recognize hoodies by the recognizable pocket on the front of the sweater.