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The T-shirts from Four by Four are characterized by a comfortable and perfect fit. The combination of cotton and elastane in our T-shirts also ensures that our T-shirts are produced in a sustainable way. Our T-shirts are available in black, green and off-white. You can choose from different designs and prints, each of which is placed on the shirt in a different way. You can choose between T-shirts with ton-sur-ton printing, screen printing or DTF printing. The T-shirts are suitable for both men and women, and are completely produced in the Netherlands.

Regular fit t-shirts for men and women

Four by Four’s T-shirts are all produced on the basis of a regular fit.
Our T-shirts are available in sizes S to XL. However, if you prefer an oversized T-shirt instead of a regular fit T-shirt, we recommend that you take a size larger than usual. Because of the use of elastane in our T-shirts, they adapt well to the correct fit for the body, so that you can work well with a size larger. Also good to know, our regular fit T-shirts are suitable for both men and women and are available in the colors black, green and off-white.

T-shirts made of cotton and elastane

For the most part, our T-shirts consist of the fabric cotton. Worldwide, this is probably one of the most used fabrics for T-shirts. The advantage of cotton T-shirts is that they are lightweight, breathable, feel soft against the skin and are easy to maintain. However, to make our T-shirts even better, we have added an extra synthetic fabric. In addition to cotton, our T-shirts also partly consist of elastane. Elastane is a synthetic material also known as spandex or lycra. Elastane is a perfect material to combine with other materials such as cotton to make our T-shirts feel softer, but also to improve the fit. Elastane is very elastic, so that you, as a wearer of a Four by Four T-shirt, will enjoy a great deal of flexibility. Our t-shirts adapt to the shape of the body. As a result, you are always assured of a good fit with our T-shirts, whereby the T-shirts also stay beautiful for longer. In short, our cotton and elastane T-shirts are an excellent choice for those looking for comfortable and durable T-shirts.

T-shirts with different types of printing

Three of our T-shirts have a print on the front only, with the other three having both a front and back print. Incidentally, there are major differences between the way of printing. The three T-shirts that contain the numeric logo on the front are embroidered in the so-called ton sur ton way. This means that the numerical logo is embroidered in the same color as the rest of the T-shirt. The T-shirt with the image of “Mr. Lucky” on the back has a DTF print. This is a special and innovative print. DTF stands for Direct-to-Film. This is a process where the ink is printed directly onto film, which is then applied directly to our T-shirts and bonded using a heat press. This results in a high quality design, fine details and bright colors. Even on a dark fabric like the black “Mr. lucky” T-shirt. The other two T-shirts contain a screen print on the front and back. We proceeded by creating the desired template or screen, where we printed the ink through it on our T-shirts. It is a sustainable printing technique that results in high-quality designs.