Silver Numeric

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So, for most this is probably an unexpected step. Four by Four will not be only clothing, we seek to broaden our perspective as a brand to make it even more accessible to everyone. Or maybe have some more excuses by pushing the boundaries of the physical limitations to expres ourselves. 

We started to look at the ideas we had and how we can work to make things reality. The process went on for a couple months and started to look at jewellers, because we thought that making a piece of jewellery would be a good step in the right direction. In the end we found an incredible place where we got to meet people that mastered their craft. Enjoy the first step, but look out for the next. 

The Four by Four Numeric Pendant is made out of silver 925, with a polished finish. Optionally, you can buy the Pendant including a 60cm Silver Necklace displayed in the picture.


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Pendant, Pendant + 60cm Silver Necklace