Tipo Tinto


Inspired by the Island spirit of Mozambique, Tipo Tinto. For this item a unique characteristic of the country was chosen. A recreation of the bottle is blended in an artwork where the colours on the Mozambican flag were used to create an open contrast, showing similarities to their open coast line and friendliness of the Mozambican people. But most of all, this shirt is a tribute to Mozambique as a beautiful place.

The shirt contains a silkscreen print on both sides.

The shirt can be worn unisex. Pick one size bigger to get an oversized fit.

The shirt is made out of 100% cotton and weighs 185gsm.


Last march, Mozambique was hit by cyclone Idai which has left the country destroyed. They need help and we want to help wherever needed. This is why we decided to donate 20% of the revenue of the Mozambique items to a NGO.


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